My Revelation on Digital Gardening
Apr 3, 2021 02:37 PM
Updated At
Apr 4, 2021 12:10 PM
Digital Gardening
Note Taking
For the past ~2 years I've enjoyed the term "Digital Gardening" but there was a fatal mistake I was making - I thought I should only have 1 single garden
The more I think about the metaphor of gardening the sillier that notion becomes! A real gardener has many gardens - one garden for show, one for sustenance, one for wildlife. Why couldn't I have many digital gardens then? This is my living documentation of my gardens. By sharing it I hope to inspire you to cultivate multiple digital gardens along with me!

Twitter - Gardener's World

Reading Twitter is like tuning into Gardener's World. There's thousands of ideas flowing through there each day - and sometimes one of those stick.

Foam - The Garden Shed

Foam is my experimental garden. You could liken it to a greenhouse or shed where seeds are planted, incubated and propagated. This is where all "life" begins as it were. Why Foam? Because I'm a contributor to the project and find the idea of my notes being source controlled and in my code editor liberating! Foam too could be described as my vegetable patch; I feed it and it feeds me.
A screenshot of the "seed" that led to this post in Foam.

Notion - The Formal Garden

Notion then is my "formal garden"; plants are organized, structured and neatly arranged. That's not to say its static - things are always moving, being added to and improved - just as with a real formal garden.
In practice I use this to manage work and scheduling.

This Website - The Vase

Like a vase in the house, seeds that germinate well from Foam make it to my website as if the flower were grown and plucked from the garden. It's the (hopefully) finest of the garden and reflects hard work that I reason should be shared with the world!

Below are the resources that inspired these thoughts: